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From our valued guests


Carsten Herter May 22nd, 2013 “Hi Felix, You have one of the finest resorts in the Philippines. I you would also like to sincerely congratulate subsequently Zim birthday. Sorry that I sign jetty rest. ‘m Preparing for my 3 years in China. I Hoffa it works Danny I’m near Ph. And may more often. Lots of love, even on your sweetness Carsten”


Chao Bacong Feb 12th, 2013 “Never thought fate would be so kind to us! It was indeed a blessing in disguise when all over resorts were fully booked. Our road lead us to this paradise! February 9 – the best weekend getaway! Now all my friends are asking where this heaven can be found! I’ll be coming back very soon! Felix and Grace, you are the most accommodating couple! Thank you!!!”